My entire life has been a blessing

October 10, 2015
George Henry Mark Smith

My entire life has been a blessing

George Henry


Name: Mark Smith

Church: New Town Baptist Church, Clarendon

Position: Moderator

How long have you been saved? I started my journey with Christ 13 years ago.

How did you get your conviction? I went to a crusade and got saved there. I heard a message which appealed to me. However, I grew up in a home where there was strong Christian values being taught and lived; and so I had to start attending church from I was a small child.

What has been your most challenging moment since being saved? I have had to call on Christ my blessed Saviour for support since taking up my new job in education. However, the darkest day in my life was in 2008. I had a kidney problem and was hospitalised for a while. That was the time I really had to pull on my faith in Christ. I was experiencing real excruciating pain, and I think Christ definitely came in and supported me during that period.

What has been your most miraculous moment since being saved? God has blessed me tremendously, far beyond what I could have ever imagined. He has been true and faithful as He promised in His word; and so I think my entire life has been a blessing. I am from Spanish Town, and there were so many influences which could have pulled me off course, but because of the love of Christ, I have been able to overcome.

Message to Christians: Hold the faith, irrespective of what the devil would like us to believe and all the challenges that we face. The promise that God has given us is true, He will never leave us or forsake us. My message is for us to hold true to His promises.

Message to non-Christians: You need to find and develop a personal relationship with God. Do not look at others, what they have experienced, or ask question such as, 'What are the pastors doing?' or talk about what the Christians are doing. It is not about other persons, but about you having a personal relationship with God.

Favourite scripture: Psalm 100

Favourite song: What A Friend We Have In Jesus.


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