Etana returns home

December 07, 2017

After calling Florida home for the past seven years, reggae songstress Etana has retaken up residency in Jamaica.

In an interview with THE STAR yesterday, the singer said her career was at the forefront of her decision.

"I am back home fully. Jamaica has been a music hub for me and as a result I usually have to travel back and forth every other week. After much consideration, we decided it would be best to return home," she said.

Earlier this year, Etana faced backlash after stating that she fully supported then Republican candidate Donald Trump on his campaign for president.

She later apologised to the Jamaican people for endorsing the billionaire who currently sits as president of the US.

As she resettles, Etana said she is also busy putting final touches to her upcoming album Reggae Forever.

Slated to be released in March, the 12-track album will see the sultry singer showcasing her diversity which is evident in her recently released song, My Man.




"It was produced by DJ Frass so both of us were really tapping into something new as it is a reggae-dancehall inspired track," she said.

Etana, given name Shauna McKenzie, has been a staple force and is one of hardest working females in the industry.

Since the start of the year, she has maintained a tight touring schedule, which included a three-month tour of the US and Canada.

This was followed by gigs in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Japan has the second biggest market for music in the world.

As the curtain comes to a close on 2017, there is no slowing down for Etana as she continues on a musical high.

"This year I have done a lot of travelling, which includes numerous tours and shows. I will continue the new year with an even stronger drive with the release of the new album. Of course, I will take a little time off to recharge my batteries, but the work continues," she said.

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