Tired of my boring husband

November 24, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 40 years old and I have been married for three years. My husband is 51 years old and he is the most boring man I have ever had.

I have had very good lovers, including younger men. But as I got older, I told myself that I should settle down and choose a man who has experience and who has something to offer me more than just a good ride in bed. I became friendly with this man who impressed me with his home. He was married but divorced his wife. They had two children together. He and the children get along so very well. They are always calling him and checking up on him. I do not have children. He doesn't hold back on me with his money. In fact, he is very liberal when it comes to that. But he is boring, very boring. He does not change the way we have sex. He is not only boring, but he is lazy. If it is not the missionary style then I might as well forget it for the evening. Everything I suggest, he says no, and that tempts me to want to cheat.

For the last three years, I cheated on him once and it was so good. I am tempted to cheat again. But that would mean that I would be destroying my relationship. He does not like to change his routine at all. Another thing, as soon as he ejaculates, he falls asleep and I want more. I think I should have married a younger man. But these younger men don't have anything to offer and they are nothing but trouble.

When my husband and I go out, his friends admire me and they ask me what I do to keep fit. I make him feel good by telling them that my husband should get the credit and he likes that. But in my heart, I am lying. I exercise every day and he does too. Some of his friends have pot bellies.

Pastor, please help me. Tell me how I can get my husband to show more interest in me and to stop doing the same routine all the time.

Frustrated Wife

Dear Frustrated Wife,

First of all, let me tell you that you have a good man and you should not destroy your marriage by cheating. There are so many women who would love to have men who take care of them. They would love to have men who are stable and who have their own homes and are not trapped by debt. You have a man who is taking good care of you and who loves you. You are at the stage where you believe that you need more than you are getting in bed. This man enjoys the missionary position more than any other. You shouldn't insult him or curse him or anything like that. It is what he enjoys. The missionary position is very popular and you should be happy that at least he can function and do a pretty good job. It is just that you want more excitement from him. You can do lots of things to turn on your husband. You can take the initiative. You don't even have to ask permission from your husband. You might be complaining too much.

And talking about complaining, women say all the time that after making love, their husbands fall asleep while they want to even hug and talk. You should allow your husband to sleep because listening to you, he has to work very hard to please you. So, falling asleep is a must. Don't fuss about that.


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