Two women trying to give me ‘jackets’

October 08, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus. Keep up the good work that you are doing. I am writing to you because I am in need of help.

I am the father of eight children with six different women. Two other women called my name and said I got them pregnant, but they were not talking the truth. All the women who got children for me I know them and I can describe them. These other two women are trying to destroy my present relationship because my wealth has grown and I have moved out of the big tenement yard in which I used to live. I have a few taxis on the road and I have tried to educate my children and they are doing well. At present, I have my last two children in university.

When I met this woman who I married, I told her the truth and the truth was I was tired of running around and I wanted to settle down. She took up the challenge and we got married. She is working in my business, but some people are jealous of her and they want to break us up. My wife and I don't even have any children together. She got pregnant but she lost the baby. I want these two women to know that I will not allow them to come between my wife and I. She is much younger than I am, but she is mature and I am happy with her. My wife told me that I should go and look for the two children, but I am not interested because I know they are not mine. Do you suggest that I go and look for the children? I know they are not mine. What is your opinion?


Dear V.N.,

I am glad that you have settled down and that you have got married, but at the same time, I am sorry that your wife had a miscarriage. You say that people are trying to break up the relationship that you are having with your wife. They will only be successful if you allow them to do so. These two women who said they have children for you would be wicked to be calling your name if they know that you did not impregnate them. Some people would say that if you did not go to them, which means that if you did not have sexual intercourse with them, then they would not have called your name. Women have accused men of doing a lot of things and the men are not guilty. Your wife has suggested that you visit these children. I will not encourage you to do so, however, if the mothers of these children should take you to court, you could challenge them to do a DNA test to prove that they are liars. I wish you well. I am glad that your business is prospering. I wish you and your wife many years together.


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