Want my dad to marry my mother

October 04, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you about my father. He has eight of us, five boys and three girls. My father can hardly read but he is a very hard-working man and a good dresser.

Although he is not an educated man, educated women always get involved with him. My mother is a teacher and she has me and my brother for my dad.

When I asked my mother how come she got involved with my father she said that she did not even realise that he could not read. When she was young, she was involved with a man who did not treat her well. He did not give her anything at all but my father helped her to buy a piece of land and to build a house in which she is living. She knew that he had other women but they were not living in the same district and he never lied to her. Pastor, there is nothing that my father would not give to my mother. He is very proud of me and I am proud of him. He is still not married.

I do not know two of my siblings because they are living in Canada. I know that my mother could get married but she says that she is grateful to my father and no man is going to live in the house that he helped her to build. My father is living with a woman right now but he is always at our house and my mother can get him to do anything she wants him to do. It's my father's fault why my mother is not fully in the church. I told my father that he should marry my mother and he said that she is not willing to be married.

She says she has never told him she wouldn't get married but she will not marry him while he is still fooling around. He said that he is finished with that but sometimes he goes away for days and no one knows where he goes. When he comes back, my mother does not question him. What do you think is the real problem they are having? My brother handles all my father's money. He is on all his accounts. Sometimes when I hear them talking, they are talking more like brothers or friends.

My grandparents have left about three acres of land in a lovely area. My dad told us that he wants to build a house on a section of that land. I am proud of him but I would like to see him get married to my mother.


Dear D.O.,

Evidently, your father greatly impressed your mother when he was young so she was not even thinking that he was not able to read. He probably was handsome and probably, as you said, he was a good dresser and he knew how to treat her. He was a hot boy and she was already disappointed by another man so she took on to your father who was a charmer.

He not only said that he loved her but he showed her he did by assisting her to build a house. Your mother is not ungrateful. She is not going to allow any other men to use her. If it is not going to be your father, no other man will get her to marry him. She knows your father well and she can deal with his weaknesses.

I am glad the relationship you have with your father is good. He is unable to read but he was wise enough to have your brother involved in his businesses. He is not formally educated but he is not a fool and I hope that you and your brother will be able to persuade your father to marry your mother in the near future.


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