No such thing as Maroons

September 24, 2021
Maroons gathered in Accompong Town, St Elizabeth.
Maroons gathered in Accompong Town, St Elizabeth.

Dear Pastor,

I am tired with this nonsense about Maroons; there are no such things as Maroons and Maroon lands. This piece of rubbish was concocted by those nasty white enslavers. These so-called Maroons are sell-outs. They concocted the death of Sam Sharpe and Paul Bogle and sold out Nanny. Remember they caught Paul Bogle and sold him out to the whites to be murdered and they come now to claim status on land. What rubbish is this? The Government and people of Jamaica should burn this illegal paper. Clear them off the land and reclaim the place. They should build a modern town with infrastructure under Jamaican governance and abolish this rubbish about Maroon and chief. I hope that this nonsense is not still being taught in the classroom.


Dear Unnamed,

Most Jamaicans have not taken the time to study the history of the Maroons, but I trust that this short letter from you will cause people to ask questions and to do some research about these special people and their history. I may not agree with some of the things you have said, but you have a right to express how you feel and I wish you well.


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