My boyfriend means the world to me

September 24, 2021

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I am still in high school but I have a boyfriend. He is 21 years old and I love him. I don't just love him, I am in love with him. It is genuine love.

He is the one who gives me money to go to school. He also gave me money to buy my uniforms. When I started to be his friend, he told me that he hoped I didn't have another boyfriend. I told him no and that I was a virgin. He did not believe that I was a virgin because of where I live and there was a certain don in the area who had a reputation of having any girl he wanted. But I told my boyfriend that I would rather run away than go with this man. I told my mother that this guy was interested in me and she told me to try not to let my father find out that I have a boyfriend. I have two brothers and I told them about this guy and what my mother said and they spoke to my mother. My brothers said that my father shouldn't say anything about me having a boyfriend because I have tried to keep up myself and my sister got pregnant and left home and is now living with her boyfriend. My mother said she was worried that I would get pregnant and stop attending school. I promised myself that I will not get pregnant. When I was 17 years old, my boyfriend picked me up in Half-Way Tree. He said he wanted us to have sex at his house. He is living with two of his sisters but he has his own room. He told them he was taking me there. When I went there, they had bought a birthday cake and some wine. I spent two hours with them and my boyfriend took me back to Half-Way Tree to take the bus home. That was on a Thursday but I went back to his house on the Saturday. We had privacy and I lost my virginity. I do not want to continue to live where I am living but I don't want to leave my mother. My boyfriend had promised that he wouldn't get me pregnant. He is a good man. For my birthday he bought me a cell phone and he told me to get rid of the banger that I had. He had promised to help me to go to university. Since I have had this man, whenever I am walking on the road and men call to me, I answer them but I tell them that I have my boyfriend. I am a browning so the guys in the area call me that. My boyfriend and I would like to come and see you to get some counselling.


Dear Y.B.,

If this guy and you are determined to have sex, I hope that you would protect yourself, and he being a gentleman will do his best to protect you. You have ambition so try to keep your head high. Your boyfriend is still very young and I wish for him to attend university too. I hope that you will not use him and leave him after you have got an education. I wish both of you well. I am willing to meet with both of you sometime in the future, but in the meantime, both of you should feel free to call me. You can contact me at 876-929-1667 and at 876-877-1009.


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