Social media ‘friend’ wants to visit me

September 23, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 22 years old and I am writing to you because I met a man on social media and we became friends. He used to call me every night and sometimes I would fall asleep and he would still be on the phone. He makes promises but never fulfils them. He wants me to invite him to Jamaica and to stay with me. I told him he could come to Jamaica but he should plan to stay in a hotel. He wants to know why he should stay in a hotel when he has me in Jamaica. I told him that I live at my parents' home and I have never slept with a man there. He said someone has to be the first. This man has never sent me a dollar, although he says that he is in a good job. I have a boyfriend and I don't have to ask him for money. He helps me regularly but I am trying with this guy from America because I would love to live in America. I don't want to stay in Jamaica but I don't fully trust this man. So that is why I am writing to you for your advice.


Dear A.P.,

You should not trust the man who you met on social media. You do not know if he is speaking the truth. Too many of these guys lie about themselves. You are correct in telling him that if he wants to come to Jamaica he should plan to stay in a hotel. He doesn't want to do so; he wants to stay with you. This guy is probably very poor and he wants to come to Jamaica to use you and fool you. American men have done so to our Jamaican girls and they come to Jamaica with their credit card in hand, rent cars and some have even married the girls in Jamaica. But when they go back to where they are from, the girls do not hear from them again. Don't be a fool. Stay with your Jamaican man. I will also tell you to end this friendship with this guy who lives in America and do so now.


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