Caught Joe in my room wearing my shirt

September 23, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 33-year-old man and my woman is 44. I went into this relationship because I love her. She says that she and her children's father ended their relationship but they communicate because of the children. This woman and I started to live together. I had another girlfriend but I left her for this woman. She was not paying rent because the house belongs to her grandparents and they live in England so she was taking care of the house and living there for free. So when I started to live there she told me that I should give her $12,000 and I agreed. Then one day the light bill came and it was about $8,000 and she told me that I have to give her half. Every time I wanted to have sex with her, she said I had to pay her. So if we had sex twice for the night I had to give her money twice. It did not make any sense staying with her so I went back to my grandmother's house. She called my grandmother and told her to put me out because I was cheating on her. But my grandmother told her that she could not do that. She said that if I wanted to leave, I would have to do so on my own. Pastor,while she was getting money from me she was having sex with the children's father when I was not there. I do night work, and one night I wasn't feeling well so I came home early. I saw the man's car in the yard and the lights were off. When I went in, the man woke up and she told me that he was visiting the children and because of curfew, he didn't want to take the chance to leave, so she allowed him to stay. This man was wearing one of my shirts. I knew she was lying. The man did not say a word. He was in our bedroom and he did not leave although I came home. That is when I realised that this woman was using me. Now she is begging me to come back to her and telling me it was a big misunderstanding. She said nobody is going to get me and if I don't come back to her she knows what to do to turn their mind against me. The man left the house about 5:30 a.m. and when he was leaving he said 'All right, Sir'. Pastor, do you think I should ever trust that woman again?


Dear E.L.,

You would be a fool to go back to this woman. You saw the man in your shirt which should tell you that the man was quite comfortable and that he was 'at home'. She is a wicked woman and you can't trust her. A woman like that would poison you but you have behaved as someone who doesn't have much sense either because if you went to live with a woman and she is not paying rent, why should you contribute $12,000 to the rent? I can see why you should contribute to electricity, but why the $12,000? Then she used to charge you to have sex with her. That means she was behaving as a prostitute and you were one of her customers. She was not going to give you something for nothing. You had to pay your way and when the children's father came while you were at work, you had to hold your corner because she considered him more important than you. Perhaps the man had a shower and she gave him one of your shirts to sleep in. Perhaps she also gave him one of your briefs. I could imagine that you did not sleep that night although you were in the house. A man was in your bedroom in your shirt and you could not say a word. My dear friend, don't go back to that woman's house. Don't give her another dollar. She is a wicked woman. You are 33. You had another girlfriend before you met her. Go back to that girl.


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