My sister slept with my husband

September 22, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you with tears in my eyes. I am in my mid-40s and I was married. I have a sister who is in her late 30s and she went abroad to live.

But certain circumstances made her return to Jamaica to live. She did not want to go back to live in rural Jamaica and she had given up her job to go abroad. She asked me whether she could come and stay with us for a while. My husband and I told her that she would have to stay in the children's room with them. We have two girls. She said that she would. We took her in and she helped the girls with their work because she is a trained teacher. She would also cook for us. Everything was going fine. She said she had a boyfriend abroad and he used to send money for her. But if my husband and I had a little disagreement, she used to take my husband's side and I told her she must keep out of our business. This is my 'full-blood' sister, my mother's child and my father's child, and she turned against me and started to have an affair with my husband, right under our roof. She used to put on very sexy clothes. I told her that she should not dress like that but she continued to do so. Finally, I had to ask her to leave and my husband asked me where I was sending her. I told my husband if she didn't leave, I would leave. My husband got one of his friend's to rent her a room and he was paying the rent. Not all sisters can be trusted. I know that she is still having sex with my husband. My husband says I can't prove it. When I complained to my parents about what she did, she had another story to tell them and they believed her.


Dear T.,

I am sure that you allowed your sister to live in your house because you wanted to help her. She has let you down. She has deceived you and it is evident that she is a liar. You should know your husband and he shouldn't have rented a place for her to live and should not be paying the rent. He should have encouraged your sister to go back to rural Jamaica and both of you should have gone to see a family counsellor for therapy sessions if he wanted the issues in the relationship to be resolved. You are not a fool and don't allow your sister and your husband to think that you have gone crazy. You made a mistake by allowing her to live in your house. Your husband doesn't have good morals and neither does your sister.


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