Tempted to cheat because I’m broke

February 25, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a 24-year-old mother and I am tempted to cheat on my child's father. We have been together for eight years and I got pregnant at the age of 22.

I love my child's father dearly and he is a very hard-working man. He is 25 years old. He loves us very much and does everything he can to make us happy. I used to work to help him out with the bills but due to COVID, everything is on his shoulders.

Older men are attracted to me, like those in the age group of 50 and above. I am talking to two of them at the moment, just texting. They give me things if I ask them, but in return, they need sex and I know that is to be expected. But all I do is to send my private part to keep them company at times. One of them offered to give me money because I told him I had my credit card debts to pay off. But the thing is, I really don't want to take his money when I know that I am not going to give him what he needs in return. And worse, due to how the world is running right now, you can't trust anyone. Please give me your advice on this situation.


Dear A.S.,

Many women are tempted to cheat when they are in need and cannot make their bills or their men are not earning enough to help them.

Temptation is not a sin but yielding to temptation is where the sin comes in. As I read your letter I am convinced that your problem might be greed because your child's father is a good man. You say he is a hard-working man and he does everything to make you and your child happy. You are not the only woman who has lost her job and sometimes finds it difficult to pay bills. Women who are in your situation have learned to adjust the way they live. Excuse me for being rude but some of these women who might have bought chicken legs and thighs now have to be satisfied with buying chicken back. But they are not going to do what you are doing.

Older men have always loved young girls like you. Some would do similar to what you are doing, sending your private parts to these men giving them the impression that they are thirsty and want them badly. If a woman would send her private part to him, she is giving him the impression that very soon he will get the real stuff.

You are a very silly girl. You think you are smart but you are not, and I want you to desist from what you are doing immediately. No more of these pictures of yourself. Do not accept any more money from these men because you do not know what these men will do with them. They may even send them to your boyfriend when they can't wait on you any more for the real thing, and your child's father will not take that as a joke. He may look at you as a crook or a con woman. Try and get another job and give God thanks for your child's father. He is a good man.


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