Elderly mason found dead at home in Old Harbour

June 17, 2022
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

The St Catherine Police are probing the death of an elderly man who was found dead at his home in Old Harbour in the parish. 

It is being suspected that 63-year-old mason Delroy Reid took his own life.

"Mi just get up and see him dead. I don't know what happen," his common-law wife told The Gleaner with her hands on her jaws.

''He was my younger brother and we normally work together. I don't know what happened and why he hang himself," said the deceased man's grief-stricken brother Albert Reid.

A sister said she was saddened and was in disbelief.

"Our parents have 14 children and I can't believe that him couldn't talk to one of us if there was a problem," the woman said.

The body was removed to the morgue.

- Rasbert Turner 

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