Confessed thief begs judge to send him to prison

November 12, 2021

A Kingston man who stole various items to buy animals yesterday begged the judge to have him sentenced when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Andre Buchanan pleaded guilty to simple larceny before Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague. On his last court appearance, Buchanan was remanded in custody to allow police to get in contact with his relatives or his child's mother, who could assist him in compensating the complainant. The items were valued at $80,000.

However, when he was brought before Cole-Montague yesterday, the police informed the court that efforts to locate his family have proven futile. The court heard that on September 29, Buchanan stole a music mixer, items of clothing and liquor from the complainant and told the judge that he committed the offence to start a new life.

"Me want kick-start life so me take it [the money from selling the items] to buy some cow and goat a country," Buchanan told the judge. It was reported that he made $50,000 from the sale.

The judge warned that he would be given more time to contact his family to make restitution, as there was a chance he would be sentenced to prison. But yesterday Buchanan appealed to the judge to pass a sentence as he believed restitution was not forthcoming.

"Miss, can you just finish the case please? Miss, just do it [hand down the sentence] and done please, Miss. I'm begging you, please just do it and done. Please Miss, I'm begging you just put off the case and send me go prison, please and thanks," he said, adding that he did "not have any family out here".

"I want the case just done. Just send me go prison. I want this case to be finished and done with, just please nuh, Miss," Buchanan stressed. But the judge denied his impassioned plea.

"No, I am not going to send you to prison. He is frustrated and I understand that. I am going to see a date in December and I hope by that time you get some help. I am not sending you like that, I'm not because I know what is best for you now. So, hold it. This is a part of your sentencing, the time that you spend in remand is taken into account. I want to see you again," Cole-Montague reassured him. The prosecution then told the court that a Good Samaritan had assisted with a first payment of $50,000 before court adjourned. Buchanan is to return to court on December 15.

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