Five-week-old baby stolen

October 14, 2019

A five-week-old baby was stolen from his 17-year-old mother Sunday evening on Rousseau Road, St Andrew.

Shernette Wray, the baby’s grandmother, told THE STAR that her daughter went to Cross Roads with the baby to meet someone she met on Instagram, who promised her baby supplies.

“It happened yesterday some time after five or there about. She was supposed to meet a lady from Instagram who promised her baby clothes, pampers, stroller, all of those stuff. She was there waiting, waiting in Cross Roads and she don’t see the lady. She seh while she deh deh waiting, she see a taxi pull up at her foot, dem push har inna the taxi and den drive off. Two men were in the taxi. Den dem kick her outa the taxi, mash up har phone and gone wid di baby,” she said.

The Half-Way-Tree police are investigating. 

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