How to: Apply for a TRN

October 09, 2015

Apply for a TRN

Rosheika Grant

STAR Writer

When conducting business in Jamaica, the Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) is often one of the documents required by organisations. Individuals, whether they reside in Jamaica or overseas, or are minors, can apply for a TRN. It is, therefore, very important that individuals are aware of the requirements for applying for a TRN.

1. The application for TRN (individuals) form should be completed and returned to the Taxpayer Registration Centre, or nearest tax office, with appropriate identification and documentation.

2. For individuals applying from within Jamaica, the application should be completed, signed and submitted, along with the following documents:

• Passport or driver's licence or national ID/voter's ID, work ID, school ID, professionally produced, certified, passport-size photograph, or any other photographic ID, must be used with birth certificate (and marriage certificate or deed poll if applicable).

• Self-employed persons need to submit their NIS card. If their trade name is different from the applicant's name, the Business Name Registration Certificate is needed for TRN application.

3. In applications for minors, the form should be completed and signed and/or co-signed by either a parent or guardian. When the application is signed by a parent, it should be submitted, along with the following documents:

• The child's birth certificate, which must show the name of the parent, who signed the application.

• A professionally produced, certified, passport-size photograph, or picture identification, for child; identification.

• The TRN of the parent.

4. It should be noted that photographs submitted must be certified by any one of the following: justice of the peace (JP), minister of religion/ marriage officer, judge/ resident magistrate, attorney-at-law, member of Parliament, parish councillor, medical doctor, school principal, civil servant (SEG3 or above) or police officer at the rank of inspector or above.

Photographs must also be certified within the last six months to be acceptable.

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