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October 08, 2015
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Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Damion Crawford

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaack to another exciting week on Real Talk.

Well, well, well, what a week it has been for Damion Crawford? He joined me for Real Talk the day after it was announced that he lost the selection run-off to represent East Rural St Andrew in the next general election.

Damion, I really appreciate you passing through and keeping it real in spite of everything. Although, you could learn a thing or two about domino still because I only know how to match and me beat yuh! You cannot live yuh life like that Damion. (Smiles)

Renee: What political benefits will you miss if you are no longer a politician?

Damion: Anybody tell you they don't like power is a liar that is why a king never resign, him haffi dead. How people deal with me now is partially because of the role I play in society that will change. I go to many events for free because I'm the minister of entertainment. I will miss that. I will also miss the ability to do what I think is right. You see, without politics you're like a bicycle, you can move one person quite slowly with politics you're like a bus, you can move nuff people quickly. When I used to do my UWI classes for inner city kids in Mathematics, I could only afford 60, when I did it as MP, 400. That is what politics creates. I'm going to miss that, if I'm no longer in politics.

Renee: Are you single, married, divorced or widowed?

Damion: (Laughs) I am not widowed. It would've been unfortunate if I was widowed at this age. I would've had to really have been a renta-dread or a sugar daddy or something (Laughs) or that would've been a young death. I have a girlfriend now, me nuh know if she ready fi her name come inna Gleaner (laughs).

Renee: What do you look for in a woman?

Damion: To tell you the truth, I like bright girls. That is the only thing that has been constant with all my girlfriends. All of them have been smart, academically inclined. I think all of them have first class honours.

Renee: Many persons say successful Jamaican men only have eyes for women who fit the western standard of beauty. What are your thoughts?

Damion: Nooo, no, no! It is an unfortunate reality that men who are more successful will have a greater opportunity to pick who they like. If their perception of beautiful is what the Western society suggests then they will look like the Western society beautiful. But there are beautiful black girls. I've had five serious relationships, three was brown, one was an Indian and one dark.

Renee: How soon would you like to father your first child?

Damion: You see because me drink so much quench aid when me likkle, that's why me no have none yet, me haffi go drink some spirulina and dem ting deh. Me woulda tek one right now. If you have somebody weh pregnant now, me woulda say a mine (laughs).

This is where I leave you for this week. Remember you can watch the full interview on the STAR's website or the STAR's YouTube channel. Until then, keep it real!

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