Jaz Elise, Yaadcore eager to engage live audience

February 03, 2023
Jaz Elise
Jaz Elise

Up-and-coming reggae artistes Yaadcore and Jaz Elise are stoked about their upcoming performances at The Lost In Time Festival set for the February 25 at Hope Gardens.

In its set-up and organisation, the show, which is organised by Protoje, promises unprecedented levels in event production. But for the artistes, it is all about being able to give full-length performances to theirs fans since the pandemic.

"We a look forward fi just perform fi we Jamaican people. We nuh really get fi perform live as much yet inna Jamaica due to us just a forward back form the pandemic. At the time when I transitioned to become an artiste was when we got into the pandemic. So we really look forward to delivering some good music to the people," Yaadcore shared with THE WEEKEND STAR. Jaz Elise recalled that the last show that Protoje did, she was just a patron.

"I was not doing music at that time so to get the blessing to be a part of it now. That is just something to take in and hug up and love up," she said. "My most recent project is the The Golden Hour EP. I am just now getting a chance to perform it cause mi did deh inna lockdown inna crisis for two years. So we have to give the people that 'cause they have been looking for it."

The singers are to be joined by Lila Ike, Ras I, Jesse Royal, Samory I, Tessellated, Mortimer and Protoje on the show's line-up. The festival features two stages as well several artisan, clothing and food booths, allowing patrons to explore and connect with the creative community.

"Jamaica need fi get a little bit of something different sometime and the experience is great 'cause not everybody wah party till six inna the morning. This is really bringing a difference. It still feels like one stage same way. We don't even business with the two stages. All of that is just semantics; it's all about giving a great performance," Yaadcore explained.

"One thing you can count on with a Protoje show is if him seh it a guh start this time, it a guh start this time and if him seh it a guh end this time, it will end on time, and every artiste is going to be quality and that is what the people deserve," Jaz Elise added.

Both acts have confirmed that they have new music coming for 2023. While Jaz Elise was tight-lipped about her projects, Yaadcore said he has a single to commemorate Black History Month.

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