Malie hits out against segregation in music

October 07, 2022

Malie, a rising star in the dancehall community, says segregation is one of the main factors impeding the growth of the musical genre.

The Talkless deejay reasons that many up-and-coming artistes are not afforded the opportunity to grow, due to a petty and sometimes vindictive posture adopted by some of the more powerful people in the entertainment business.

"Music is run by badness. The bigga heads dem in music are afraid to talk the truth, but mi is not afraid. There are millions of bad artiste in dancehall but dem don't get dem credit because people a work offa links, and badness, and ratings inna music, and mi no up fi dat," Malie said.

The Bank hitmaker says that having assessed the situation, he is determined to focus on putting in "my honest work" as he is convinced it will pay off.

"As mi tell you, everybody get blessed at different times in different proportions. Mi know when my blessing come in it a guh nuff," Malie said.

The artiste named a few talented entertainers who he said, despite demonstrating their skill and commitment to the craft, have not received the break and recognition they deserve. He is determined not to end up in the same position.

"Mi a try work smart and mi a try master the game. Mi nuh wah end up inna dah place deh or position deh, mi haffi get weh mi deserve. A whole heap a artiste out deh who naw get the recognition dem deserve," he said.

The rising dancehall artiste said that a part of his strategy for success is to avoid segregation and to pay attention to the works of his contemporaries.

"Me nuh inna music fi pick no side, write that down," Malie insisted. "Mi rate every artiste and mi listen every artiste's music."

He reasoned that there are lessons to be gained from listening music widely.

"Imagine you now listening other artistes and seeing where that artiste make some mistakes. Ultimately, you a guh become a better version of that artiste or a better version of yourself," he said.

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