Chronic Law helps Radijah Risk Boss re-chart his career

October 15, 2021
Radijah Risk Boss (left) and Chronic Law.
Radijah Risk Boss (left) and Chronic Law.

Dancehall artiste Radijah Risk Boss has moved on from his days of the single, Walk Like a Dog, and has credited his transformation to his association with Chronic Law and the 6ixx Camp.

"This is a new movement, a new direction for me. Chronic Law and the 6ixx camp have made me into a different person. Being around people like the Law Boss (Chronic Law's nickname) and 1 Law Entertainment enables me to see life in a different light," said Radijah Risk Boss, given name Ryan Henry.

He connected with Chronic Law through Shabdon Records and this link has produced the single In Thing, a collaboration which is jointly produced by Shabdon Records, Risk Boss Records and 1 Law Entertainment. Currently Radijah Risk Boss is working on his latest single, titled No Love.

"This track represents the pain I felt when my brother and grandfather died, the hatred I get some people, the betrayal I got from so-called 'fake friends'," he said.

Radijah Risk Boss said he has been in the dancehall sphere for over seven years and he has got "a lot of fight". "Is work me work fe dis, never get nothing free," he said.

As it relates to the ongoing pandemic, Radijah Risk Boss said that while the coronavirus has shaken up the world, it has its positives.

"Since there were no parties or stage shows, I had tons of time on my hands. It gave me more time to work on my craft, more studio time and it allowed me to work on myself," he said. "People just have to follow all the protocols stipulated by the health ministry, like washing your hands, consistently wearing your mask, who should get vaccinated, do whatever to make yourself and family safe in these times as we are all in this together."

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