Abihail will report to cops when she feels safe, says lawyer

October 14, 2021
Abihail Myrie
Abihail Myrie

Attorney-at-law Aisha Robb, who is representing Abihail Myrie, says that her client will present herself to the police when Abihail feels safe to do so.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has said that Abihail will be considered missing until she reports in person to a police station.

"I am aware of the policies of the JCF as it relates to missing persons. When Miss Myrie feels it is safe, at the appropriate juncture, she [will] present herself to the police," Robb explained. "This is a young, brilliant and promising young lady, and I hope that this will be behind her soon." She said that Abihail is "in good health", except for the physical abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of family members.

Robb is the second lawyer in as many days to state publicly that, contrary to Tuesday's report from the police's Corporate Communications Unit, Myrie, the 21-year-old daughter of veteran Grammy Award-winning deejay Buju Banton, is not missing.

Maurice McCurdy, who said on Tuesday that he was the lawyer for the family, had stated that Myrie had informed the police that she was not missing. He said that he was retained by Lorna Strachan (Abihail's mother) and Buju "for the purpose of this correspondence to say that she was not missing".

"Her father was concerned. Miss Abihail Myrie was never missing and it was important to put it out there," McCurdy told THE STAR.

A letter was posted to Abihail's social media on Wednesday morning, signed by Robb, who she said was her "real lawyer". This left Abihail's social media followers confused. The speculation that she was not in charge of her own social media pages persisted and fans have been asking for video proof that Abihail is, in fact, doing well.

Robb, who was in court on Wednesday morning, later brought some clarity to the situation.

"I have been Miss Myrie's lawyer and would have represented her in prior matters," Robb told THE STAR. She said Abihail did retain and instruct her "in this matter", to deal with a family dispute, and that she spoke to her on Wednesday morning and that she was doing well. Robb also said that it was not clear who filed the report to the police declaring that her client was missing.

When quizzed about the abuse allegations made by Abihail through her lawyer, McCurdy stated, "I have nothing to comment on that at this time, and it would be unreasonable to ask me for a comment as I have made no such allegation."

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