Ed Sheeran loves Ishawna’s ‘Equal Rights’

October 13, 2021
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

British singer Ed Sheeran has heard many remixes of his 2017 pop hit Shape of You, but Ishawna's Equal Rights is a sure stand out.

In a recent interview with Qmusic Nederland, Sheeran shared how he became familiar with the track.

"I was in the Caribbean, and I heard, like, a totally different song," he told host Domien Verschuuren. "It's really, really filthy, but she's just singing about her man going down on her, but it was all over the Caribbean."

Verschuuren pulled up the single to hear it for himself, and Sheeran is seen smiling, grooving in his chair and singing some of the lyrics from "bumper to your forehead" and "if yuh nuh have it inna waist, yuh better have it inna face."

Verschuuren agreed that the song is "filthy" and went on to ask, "How can you sing to it?"

Sheeran responded, "Because I've listened to it so many times, even when she says, 'If you want head, my youth yuh haffi suck this'. It's so good."

Equal Rights took the cake for the most controversial dancehall song of 2017, igniting debates on its suitability for airplay and its suggestion that many Jamaican men engage in cunnilingus behind closed doors. Entertainers, including Bishop Escobar and Ikel Marvelous, scrapped the song from their DJ set list, while artistes like Kiprich and Prince Pin and Don Vital showed their disapproval of the song's message in counteractions.

The track is arguably Ishawna's most popular to date.

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